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Battling Zits…yarrrrgh!

9 Nov


Find ’em. Hate ’em. Destroy ’em.

These are my recommended heavy hitters for battling the bad boys:

1. Kate Somerville’s Eradicate Acne Treatment

DO NOT SHAKE THAT BOTTLE!!! Instead, insert a Q-Tip and bulls-eye the bad boys. You can put it on over or under make-up, in addition to the infamous all-night attack. It has a pink coloring to it that is as bright as Calamine Lotion, but fades as it is absorbed and mixed with the oils from your skin.

2. Clean n Clear Persa Gel 10 Acne Medication

My hands-down fave since high school. You can rock it all day if you don’t mind having little white specks all over your face. Attending an all-girls high school made that the obvious move for me! Definitely affordable and easy to find, this potion kicks ass quickly, leaving you ready for the weekend in no time.