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Rat Race Rant

17 Dec

I need to go from 3 jobs to 1 before I lose my damn mind!!!! That being said, special shout outs to everyone out here running 3 different POS systems, for 3 different businesses, while selling 3 entirely different types of product, and retaining enough product knowledge about each position to effectively make $$$. Nice hustle making enough time to change in your car between jobs, and still arriving within 5 minutes of your start time (even though the digital system will red flag you for punching in outside of the “2 minute grace period”). Nice work making it through your 8 hour shift without a break again!!! You really know how to prioritize. “HEY YOU! Yeah, YOU! Great job delivering the correct salutation when answering phones today. You didn’t forget what job you were working at once!!!” … because I bet no one ever acknowledged that supreme skill. If you are able to retain enough information to conduct a conference call, talk numbers, and do the banking at any said job, you are another step ahead…in the race to insanity!!!!!!!!!

So, in lieu of the extra pay you will never see, because it was your idea to spread yourself so thin, I give you thanks. Happy Holiday Hours.


A Thank You Card

25 Jun

This post is to serve as a thank you card to all of the individuals that make places more than just spaces.

This is for the regulars, the bartenders, the musicians, the door men and women, the DJs, the bathroom attendants, the performers, the cooks, the photographers, the servers, the artists, the bar backs, the janitors, and the dance floor party starters. Thank you.

Thank you for your consistency. Thank you for your dependability. Thank you for your personalities, whatever they may be. A place would hold no memories if it weren’t for you. Take pride in knowing that people have made their selection on where to spend their time based on YOUR presence. Your energy has set the tone for unforgettable evenings. And when more of you are gathered in the same place at the same time, there is no telling what might happen.

This is a thank you card. For late nights and early mornings, for welcoming hugs and well wishes, for shoulders to cry on and jokes to lift spirits, for being there, thank you.

Feast your eyes on these monochromatic gems…

25 Mar


Shout outs to Matt Stopera for this crazy and insane visual compilation:

Check his Tmblr blog here:

The Knockout

"Don't worry about what I'm doin."

Speak on it…

10 Nov

Part 1

Part 2

Miss Intuition

9 Nov

And so the debate continues…

I get it. You hear it. You try to ignore it. You make up excuses why you should block it out all together to maintain mental sanity and “peace”.

After trying to sign on to the whole “out of mind, out of existence” theory, Miss Intuition gave me a swift kick in the ass (once again). I now humbly embrace her. Dwelling in my mind as another personality, she is almost undoubtedly correct AT ALL TIMES. I would be a fool to disown her again, or chalk her unending wisdom up to blasphemy. She is my best friend. She knows what I want to understand. She tries to guide me. If I don’t take heed, her truth is almost always lurking around the corner. Her unending loyalty to me is second to none, and as a bonafide scorpio, there is nothing I value more. So she and I will move forward together as one. I’m not telling you to follow suit, but those that have been blessed with this gift should silently embrace it…or at least consider her.


30 Things

3 Nov

Talk about a time for reflection…

This birthday had me doing mental backflips.

This is my list of the top 30 things I have come to learn, and believe in, over the last 30 years:

1.  Live without regrets.  The people who live with them will be the first to tell you not to do shit.

2.  Love HARD…even if it hurts.

3.  Follow your intuition.  She is a bad bitch.

4.  Loyalty is everything.  Associate yourself with people who feel the same way, for the right reasons.

5.  Beware of the secretly insecure.  They seek out hosts like a parasite.

6.  Be aware of the distractions in your life, and remove them ASAP…people, places, and things!

7.  Like what you like because you like it, and not because it’s cool.

8.  Everything in life is better with music.

9.  Listen to your body.

10.  Life is a spectator sport.  Get in where you fit in.

11.  Travel as much as possible.  It keeps things in perspective.

12.  Let people know when you think about them.

13.  Perception is everything until showtime.

14.  Don’t assume…ask, or refer to #3 and keep it moving.

12.  Be able to function without a cell phone or computer.

13.  Pick up the phone and schedule REAL face time.  It’s becoming a lost art.

14.  Only do business with people who are able to be reached within an acceptable time frame.

15.  Love yourself.  It’s not ego, it’s survival.

16.  Say what you mean, and mean what you say.  Most people need it straight up with no chaser in order to understand.

17.  If there is something YOU want accomplished, don’t depend on others to do it for you.  Self-educate.

18.  Be yourself.  No one does it better, but best believe people will try.

19.  Value your mentors, and be one for someone else in return.

20.  Practice understanding over judgement.

21.  Just because  you have morals, doesn’t mean the next person shares them with you.

22.  Know what you need as a part of your environment/routine in order to be at your best, and make sure it is readily available.

23.  Give whatever you are willing to give without expecting anything in return.

24.  Spirits/ghosts/UFOs are real

25.  Print your photographs, share them with your elders, frame them, and keep them within reach.

26.  Make lists.  Cross shit off.  Repeat.

27.  Always tackle the most difficult obstacles first.

28.  Be real.  People will voluntarily enter into, or leave from, your life accordingly.

29.  Always plan A through D.

30.  I am only certain of one thing.  I am going to die, and so are you.

Happy Wednesday!

That’s my list for now…

You don’t have to agree with any of them, and that’s why it is MY list  ; )