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Urban Decay Cosmetics – Eyeshadow Ammo Eyeshadow Palette

16 Nov

We are big fans of this power packed eyeshadow pallette from Urban Decay.  This pallette contains everything that you could possibly need to take your look from work to play.  The 10  colors included are: Smog, Maui Wowie, Mildew, Shattered, Oil Slick, Polyester Bride, Last Call, Grifter, Chopper, and  Sin.

Chopper is my personal fav.  It looks great for day or night, and adds just enough glits without really looking like you tried…clutch ; )

Damage:  36 bones



Battling Zits…yarrrrgh!

9 Nov


Find ’em. Hate ’em. Destroy ’em.

These are my recommended heavy hitters for battling the bad boys:

1. Kate Somerville’s Eradicate Acne Treatment

DO NOT SHAKE THAT BOTTLE!!! Instead, insert a Q-Tip and bulls-eye the bad boys. You can put it on over or under make-up, in addition to the infamous all-night attack. It has a pink coloring to it that is as bright as Calamine Lotion, but fades as it is absorbed and mixed with the oils from your skin.

2. Clean n Clear Persa Gel 10 Acne Medication

My hands-down fave since high school. You can rock it all day if you don’t mind having little white specks all over your face. Attending an all-girls high school made that the obvious move for me! Definitely affordable and easy to find, this potion kicks ass quickly, leaving you ready for the weekend in no time.

Unruly Hair?

9 Nov

If you know me, you have most definitely seen my hair when it is out of control. The only shampoo and conditioner that EVER give me relief are Tressa’a Quench Shampoo and Conditioner.

Shout outs to Diane McShane’s Hair Salon in Erie, PA for putting me on!! It is definitely always on my list of things to pick up when I head home. Be sure to stop in and scoop some if you are in the area, and ask for Kristy or Lindsay if you need a cut!

If you are reading this from out of the area, be sure to get your google on for these products. Especially if your hair is dried out, naturally curly, or in need of a lil TLC.


5 Nov

For $2.50, picking these lil ones up is a no-brainer…