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Glory Be! It’s Tea Tree and Vitamin E!!

6 Jun

Ok yall!!  For the last few weeks I have been asking for help via Facebook for a host of random ailments.  I’ll start with my itchy scalp that wreaks havoc when the seasons change.  In addition, I swear I had an allergic reaction to some random hair product I tried!  I had been looking for a natural leave-in treatment that would give me a tingly, feel-good, “I’m healing you now” sensation.  I got a bunch of responses from homemade elixirs to store bought scores.  I ended up buying a tiny bottle of Derma E Tea Tree and E Oil, and massaging tiny drops of it onto all the problem areas of my scalp.

Hallelujah!!!  I felt that feeling!!  I smelled medicinal, but felt magical.  I decided not to wash it out.  I woke up late, took a lightening speed hobo bath, went to work, went straight out after, and no one commented on my head smelling weird!!  I washed it out with a natural rosemary and mint shampoo the next day, and reapplied!!

The shit works.  I had full relief in 3 days.  Please keep in mind that I have super thick, dry, curly hair.  If you’re working with the opposite, the leave-in idea might not be the move.  Otherwise, have at it!!!
derma e
Next up on the list was this cold/allergy bullshit that hit me like a ton of bricks.  Over the course of 4 days, I lost my voice entirely with brief periods of being able to communicate using the voice of a small child or a phone sex operator.  The evenings were the worst.  Each miniature breath I would take was followed by 3 consecutive coughs.  I annoyed myself so much that I started breathing into random objects.  I tried tying a scarf around my face, breathing into a pillow, breathing in the steam from my tea, and nothing worked!!  Da fuuuuuck!?!??  It felt like I was allergic to air.  I tried to pinch my nose and hold my breath, since breathing = coughing.  I had just rubbed that magic oil into my scalp, and now it was on my nostrils!!  That tingly, feel-good, “I’m healing you” sensation was back!  It almost had a calming effect. This time it seemed to make the air breathable again as it entered my airways!

Glory Be!!!  I thought that I could make it through the night if I just put enough AROUND my nose that I could breath in without coughing. It worked!!  I woke up and thought I should hit the store for some Vicks since this concept was working for me.  I checked out the packaging and read that you actually aren’t supposed to get Vicks on your nostrils.  Who knew??!?!  What the hell is the point!?!?  What’s in that stuff?? Don’t they make lil sniffer tubes of that shit specifically for putting up your nose?!?!  I put the package back down and bought another bottle of Derma E Tea Tree and E Oil.  Seems to be doing the trick…

NOTE: I am NOT putting it UP my nose, snorting drips, or any of the like. Just rubbing little dabs around my nostrils…capisce?!?

Who knows what else this little bottle of magic will fix!!!


Loca Buena On Etsy!!!

18 Dec

If you missed the Mixed Threads event, you can still pick up the pieces on Etsy!!! More photos and items will be posted soon!!!

Thank you in advance for the healthy dose of patience ; )

Drippin Wax

12 Aug

Candle addict?  Wax burner?  Flame thrower?  Whatever the case, it only makes sense that we share our personal favs with you on this one.

Whether you are using them to set the mood, freshen up your air space, or add a little color to your decor, candles are a MUST HAVE in our book.  The place and space that you are lighting with your wax essentials can play a HUGE part in your scent selection.

If it is your kitchen that you are working with, focus on scents that are reminiscent of fruit, baked sweets, or citrus notes.  That is unless you are looking to illuminate a dining table during a meal.  Then you want to choose an unscented candle to allow the aroma of your amazing meal to hit the nostrils without any competition.

A living space is a free realm and up for the picking when it comes to choosing a signature scent.  Choose a fragrance that embodies your signature style here since it will be the first thing your house guests associate with your living space.  No one wants to open the front door and get blasted in the face with stank via shoes, pets, yesterdays dinner…you catch our drift.

The bathroom selection should be clean and crisp.  Think of a fresh mountain breeze, cotton, and clean linen.  That’s what were going in there for, right?  To clean up our act…

The bedroom is the perfect place for soft and sensual notes.  Vanillas, musks, and lavender are all great selections.  Think relaxation, cozy times, annnnd go time, of course : )

As always, practice safety with your placement, and be sure to blow ’em out.

How’s it hangin?

26 Mar

Hey there springtime, spring cleaning, spring organization…

What the hell is an embellished chick to do with all of her amazing accessories?!??

We want your suggestions!!  Let’s help eachother out 😉

Here is our tip o’ the day:

If you are a necklace and earring junkie, you NEED to adopt the corkboard method… if you haven’t already.  Pick one up at a craft or office supply store on the low low.  You can spend extra change on fun tacks or push pins if you are looking to add a lil’ sumthin’ sumthin’ to this practical piece.  If you’re feeling crafty, grab some paint and do it up so you can leave it in a visible space.  Otherwise, nail that bitch to the inside of your closet door for a quick and easy grab n go.  Just remember not to slam your door in a moment of emotional stress…

Here’s a pic of what we are working with:

How's it hangin?

Stationery: Check Ya Penmanship

13 Mar

Welcome to our digital world. A world where tangible greetings have become a lost art.  Notecards, postcards, and stationery are almost unseen unless it’s a bday, wedding, or other monumental event. Text messages, emails, and “pokes” have replaced the subtle nuances of the handwritten message.  Shit, I can’t even remember the last time I got a number on a napkin passed down to me at a bar!

Sooo, this post is a digital shout out to the people with perfected penmanship. The people who take time to select a paper that speaks to their personal sense of style. The people who open and close 20+ cards in search of the one that sends the perfect midweek message. The people who mail their feelings as postmarked souvenirs. Thank you for embracing a lost art. Here’s to shoe boxes of memories underneath beds everywhere!

Here are a few of our crazy good stationery selections, for those of you looking to get on the good foot…er, hand:

Handmade Stationery Goldmine

Dirty Gerty Greeting Cards

Naughty Betty

Loca Buena Favs

412 residents!! Check out our favorite local spots for scooping up paper gems:

4209 Butler Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15201

Mon-Wed, Fri-Sat 11am–7pm
Thu 11am–9pm
Sun 12–6pm

Kards Unlimited

5522 Walnut St
Pittsburgh, PA 15232

Store Hours
Mon – Sat: 9:30 – 9:00
Sun: 12:00 – 5:00


3 Nov

Tis’ the season for Old Man Winter’s cold ass breath to begin blowing across your face.  While moisturizers and chap sticks are sure to get their shine, a good facial scrub will need to be close by to remove all the flaky dead skin that is past the point of moisture therapy.  Here enters Burt’s Bees Peach and Willobark Deep Pore Scrub…

Hooray!!!  Finally a facial scrub that has the gusto to take it OFF!  At $8 a pop, this all-natural exfoliator is action packed!  Finely ground Peach Stones polish the skin, while a special formula of Willow Bark provides a natural source of Salicylic Acid to keep that newfound skin looking fresh.  You don’t have to sit around and wait for an online order to process either!  Just check out the Burt’s Bees displays at your local grocery and drug stores.

This facial scrub is sure to leave your face feeling as if you have finally removed the remnants of your Halloween mask…just in time to show Old Man Winter who’s boss!!

Official Drink of Summer 2011

11 May

Ummm…First of all, how the hell did I miss this gem’s existence?

I’m in love with this new accessory!!!  Yeah, I said it.  A drink is most definitely an accessory in my book.  So, you can look for me to be rocking a can of El Jimador’s Spicy Mango Margarita in this summer’s sun.

The magic potion consists of El Jimador Tequila, Triple Sec, and natural flavors. It’s extra ready-to-drink chilled, and is a refreshing alternative to the summertime norms.

Tequila lovers REJOICE!!!

Trying to Bag a Bargain??

13 Mar

Ladieees!!  With spring and summer waiting just around the corner, it’s about time to drop that heavy suitcase-esque winter bag and pick up something a bit lighter.  Being the Loca Ladies that we are, we tend to choose 3 lower priced bags over 1 heavy hitter for the following reasons:

1.  We will find ourself in various terrain over the warmer months, as our partying ways tend to lead us on wild outdoor adventures.

2.  The last thing we want to be worried about losing is an overpriced sack for our shit.  Losing overpriced items = anxiety attack…who wants to set themselves up for that one??

3.  We know how to find good deals, and aren’t afraid to work for them.

Enter our pick for favorite spring and summer bags….AMICI!!!

A quick pop into your local TJ Maxx or Marshalls will usually give you a good selection of AMICI bags to choose from.  Their bright prints and patterns are perfect for spring and summer, and the lightweight materials grant your beat down shoulders that much needed break they have been begging for.  The bags usually run anywhere from $12 to $35, and have limited duplicate designs…a glimmer of hope that you and homegirl won’t be slanging the same arm candy!!

Check out their website for a sneak preview of what is out n about, but refer to #3 if you are a serious shopper 😉

Miracle Whip!

15 Feb

Are you an apartment dweller?  Car owner?  Feeling grimy?

The snow, ice, and salty grime have most definitely made their presence felt for the past few months.  If your living situation is anything like ours, then you have no access to an outdoor outlet, and using the gas station vacuum seems like some sort of frigid torture.  Our solution?  Go cop one of those trusty little Dirt Devils that your Mom and Grandma used to bust out for the hard to reach spaces throughout the house.  Most need a full 24 hours to charge, but after that you are free to go about your dust busting business!  We are all about clean cars, and the size and mobility of this little Dirt Devil makes it a perfect solution for the junk that has been collecting in your cars crevices over the past few months.  At $19 – $30 a pop, it is easy on the pockets as well.  The small size makes it perfect for limited apartment storage, and we are damn sure that you have some other trife life lurking in a few hard to reach corners that could use a hit.

Dirt Devil Scorpion Quick-Flip Hand Vac


Pssst Dry Shampoo

16 Nov

ATTENTION: If you wash your hair every damn day, this post is not for you.

Still reading? You NEED this:

If you have problem hair, a crazy life style, and are in need of a guaranteed quick-fix, this is your new best friend. Not only does this product take away your greazzzy “now you see me” roots, it also adds instant volume, a clean scent, and another day/night of wear for that hair. Anyone that washes their hair 1-2 times a week max, needs this one on deck. Especially if you put in a good 45 minutes to an hour straightening serious curls.

Pssst…BUY IT!