Rat Race Rant

17 Dec

I need to go from 3 jobs to 1 before I lose my damn mind!!!! That being said, special shout outs to everyone out here running 3 different POS systems, for 3 different businesses, while selling 3 entirely different types of product, and retaining enough product knowledge about each position to effectively make $$$. Nice hustle making enough time to change in your car between jobs, and still arriving within 5 minutes of your start time (even though the digital system will red flag you for punching in outside of the “2 minute grace period”). Nice work making it through your 8 hour shift without a break again!!! You really know how to prioritize. “HEY YOU! Yeah, YOU! Great job delivering the correct salutation when answering phones today. You didn’t forget what job you were working at once!!!” … because I bet no one ever acknowledged that supreme skill. If you are able to retain enough information to conduct a conference call, talk numbers, and do the banking at any said job, you are another step ahead…in the race to insanity!!!!!!!!!

So, in lieu of the extra pay you will never see, because it was your idea to spread yourself so thin, I give you thanks. Happy Holiday Hours.

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