A Thank You Card

25 Jun

This post is to serve as a thank you card to all of the individuals that make places more than just spaces.

This is for the regulars, the bartenders, the musicians, the door men and women, the DJs, the bathroom attendants, the performers, the cooks, the photographers, the servers, the artists, the bar backs, the janitors, and the dance floor party starters. Thank you.

Thank you for your consistency. Thank you for your dependability. Thank you for your personalities, whatever they may be. A place would hold no memories if it weren’t for you. Take pride in knowing that people have made their selection on where to spend their time based on YOUR presence. Your energy has set the tone for unforgettable evenings. And when more of you are gathered in the same place at the same time, there is no telling what might happen.

This is a thank you card. For late nights and early mornings, for welcoming hugs and well wishes, for shoulders to cry on and jokes to lift spirits, for being there, thank you.

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