Drippin Wax

12 Aug

Candle addict?  Wax burner?  Flame thrower?  Whatever the case, it only makes sense that we share our personal favs with you on this one.

Whether you are using them to set the mood, freshen up your air space, or add a little color to your decor, candles are a MUST HAVE in our book.  The place and space that you are lighting with your wax essentials can play a HUGE part in your scent selection.

If it is your kitchen that you are working with, focus on scents that are reminiscent of fruit, baked sweets, or citrus notes.  That is unless you are looking to illuminate a dining table during a meal.  Then you want to choose an unscented candle to allow the aroma of your amazing meal to hit the nostrils without any competition.

A living space is a free realm and up for the picking when it comes to choosing a signature scent.  Choose a fragrance that embodies your signature style here since it will be the first thing your house guests associate with your living space.  No one wants to open the front door and get blasted in the face with stank via shoes, pets, yesterdays dinner…you catch our drift.

The bathroom selection should be clean and crisp.  Think of a fresh mountain breeze, cotton, and clean linen.  That’s what were going in there for, right?  To clean up our act…

The bedroom is the perfect place for soft and sensual notes.  Vanillas, musks, and lavender are all great selections.  Think relaxation, cozy times, annnnd go time, of course : )

As always, practice safety with your placement, and be sure to blow ’em out.

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