Trying to Bag a Bargain??

13 Mar

Ladieees!!  With spring and summer waiting just around the corner, it’s about time to drop that heavy suitcase-esque winter bag and pick up something a bit lighter.  Being the Loca Ladies that we are, we tend to choose 3 lower priced bags over 1 heavy hitter for the following reasons:

1.  We will find ourself in various terrain over the warmer months, as our partying ways tend to lead us on wild outdoor adventures.

2.  The last thing we want to be worried about losing is an overpriced sack for our shit.  Losing overpriced items = anxiety attack…who wants to set themselves up for that one??

3.  We know how to find good deals, and aren’t afraid to work for them.

Enter our pick for favorite spring and summer bags….AMICI!!!

A quick pop into your local TJ Maxx or Marshalls will usually give you a good selection of AMICI bags to choose from.  Their bright prints and patterns are perfect for spring and summer, and the lightweight materials grant your beat down shoulders that much needed break they have been begging for.  The bags usually run anywhere from $12 to $35, and have limited duplicate designs…a glimmer of hope that you and homegirl won’t be slanging the same arm candy!!

Check out their website for a sneak preview of what is out n about, but refer to #3 if you are a serious shopper 😉

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