Miracle Whip!

15 Feb

Are you an apartment dweller?  Car owner?  Feeling grimy?

The snow, ice, and salty grime have most definitely made their presence felt for the past few months.  If your living situation is anything like ours, then you have no access to an outdoor outlet, and using the gas station vacuum seems like some sort of frigid torture.  Our solution?  Go cop one of those trusty little Dirt Devils that your Mom and Grandma used to bust out for the hard to reach spaces throughout the house.  Most need a full 24 hours to charge, but after that you are free to go about your dust busting business!  We are all about clean cars, and the size and mobility of this little Dirt Devil makes it a perfect solution for the junk that has been collecting in your cars crevices over the past few months.  At $19 – $30 a pop, it is easy on the pockets as well.  The small size makes it perfect for limited apartment storage, and we are damn sure that you have some other trife life lurking in a few hard to reach corners that could use a hit.

Dirt Devil Scorpion Quick-Flip Hand Vac


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