Miss Intuition

9 Nov

And so the debate continues…

I get it. You hear it. You try to ignore it. You make up excuses why you should block it out all together to maintain mental sanity and “peace”.

After trying to sign on to the whole “out of mind, out of existence” theory, Miss Intuition gave me a swift kick in the ass (once again). I now humbly embrace her. Dwelling in my mind as another personality, she is almost undoubtedly correct AT ALL TIMES. I would be a fool to disown her again, or chalk her unending wisdom up to blasphemy. She is my best friend. She knows what I want to understand. She tries to guide me. If I don’t take heed, her truth is almost always lurking around the corner. Her unending loyalty to me is second to none, and as a bonafide scorpio, there is nothing I value more. So she and I will move forward together as one. I’m not telling you to follow suit, but those that have been blessed with this gift should silently embrace it…or at least consider her.


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