Get to know us…

Company Overview:
Loca Buena represents females that know how to live in the moment and still hold shit down. If you live hard, play hard, and work hard, you will probably appreciate the things we love. 

Loca Buena is here to represent and promote all things deemed “crazy good” by our standards. You may love, hate, buy, or burn anything we share with you (yay freedom!). You don’t have to like, agree, “co-sign”, or represent anything that we share with you (we will still love you 😉 ). May our suggestions serve as mouth-watering appetizers to your open mind, Amen. 

~ Loca Buena Missionaries

Loca Buena will touch on everything from hair to housewares, clothes to crafts, and zits to xylophones. Live our brand? Yes, we can!

One Response to “Get to know us…”

  1. Mom March 13, 2011 at 6:25 pm #

    I’m proud of you!!
    Love you.

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